Plant & Machinery Insurance

From Bulldozers to Cranes, Excavators to - well, the whole gammit of plant and equipment, we offer a comprehensive approach to the management of Plant and Equipment Insurance that sees you covered - and for a competit.ive price

Specialised Plant and Equipment Insurance requires an experienced eye to identify the hard working policies choices from the pretenders. If you tackle it yourself it's all too easy to reduce the decision to one based on price when each policy document is different and covered in

Of course, the danger in buying on price alone is that you risk choosing a policy which you think covers you in all situations when in fact it does not. The only thing worse than an overly expensive

To avoid both ends of that spectrum you need a company like East West Insurance Brokers to stand on your side and decipher each policy into a plain explanation of what you are and are not covered for. Any kind of capital equipment can be insured against damage, theft, accidents, fire, flood and some very niche problems you might not think to consider. Just talk to us and we will make it easy to choose a cost effective AND risk effective insurance policy.

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We can offer cover for all these kinds of Plant and Equipment Insurance -

  • Excavator Insurance
  • Scanner Insurance
  • Bulldozer Insurance
  • Dental Equipment Insurance
  • Crane Insurance
  • Water Cart Insurance
  • Farm Equipment Insurance
  • Depot Cover
  • Backhoe Insurance
  • Specialist Medical Equipment Insuranc

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