Public Liability Insurance

Whatever you drive – cars, trucks, motorcycles, even boats – weʼll keep you on track with the best value for the protection you need. From the family wagon to heavy haulage

In order to ensure that you are adequately protected in the event that you are sued, you need to protect your assets (and your company's assets) by purchasing a policy or, if you are providing professional advice or services, a Professional Indemnity insurance policy.

Our aim is to take the worry out of your hands, from completing the application through to policy inception and beyond, the risks you face in your business are varied and in some cases unique. Having insurance advice from a professional who is familiar with your day-to-day risks and exposures is crucial, and never more so than when you hit a 'snag'.At AMGI we won't offer you an 'off the shelf' package deal.

That's because we believe that some of the 'fine print' that may save you money on premiums may cost you dearly when you need to make a claim. We endeavor to ensure that you understand and are comfortable with the cover you have purchased.Instead, a member of our team of qualified insurance professionals will guide you through an analysis of your particular business mix and help you identify your risks.

We have access to the insurance market – not just a few policies – and will identify which covers suit your risks. And, as we're part of Steadfast, the largest broker buying group in Australia, we are able to negotiate policy wording should you need something very specific as well as policy pricing. We can offer you an extensive range of cost- effective AND risk-effective options.

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